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Committee of the WHO - World Health Organization -

has asked me, as author of ‘The Timeless Hour’, to introduce and initiate my book by giving a session at this Conference. The Committee of the W.H.O. motivated their choice to let me introduce my book because of the following aspects

1.      The book offers direct and simple didactical tools for application in the classroom;

2.      Well-being for teachers as well as children in the learning process;

3.      Supporting the formation of personal identity of children in group processes through the emphasis on Emotional Intelligence;

4.      Promoting children’s Social Intelligence in general and especially in multi-cultural situations;

5.      Because of the universal character of the method, this workbook can be put into practice in all cultures.

The method results in direct profit on:

, Visualisation
Self-confidence and Self-esteem
Social- and Multicultural integration
Decrease of stress
Physical & Mental Health

All these faculties provide on building the child’s ‘Personal identity’ and have a direct and positive effect on the ability of Cognitive learning by children in a class and on the well-being of the teacher/tutor!

The emphasis of the book is on preventive as well as on curative Health Care and is already applied for many years with positive results in benefiting to children / See Beamer - Power Point presentation by button above!
About 400 representatives of Ministries and Non-governmental organisations from 52 different countries took part in this conference of Health & Education in 2002.

It has been a very interesting conference.

Nexus EQ Conference 2005
International conference: Tools and Wisdom for a Sustainable World.  

Michiel Czn. Dhont has presented The Timeless Hour at Nexus EQ conference with live-sessions in 'learning by doing' including video & beamer presentation.

World Conference on EQ near the beach of Egmond aan Zee. More than 200 participants and presenters from 30 countries, from China , India and Pakistan, to USA, Argentina and SouthAfrica, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Israel and the Netherlands, made this international conference, named: Tools and Wisdom for a Sustainable World, to a big succes.  More than 70 workshops of the best presenters of the world, shared their wisdom -increasing leadership effectiveness-transforming fear, anxiety and stress into valuable energy -valuing human capital and increasing motivation -performance in sport, business, health and education  I invite you to look on the website www.nexuseq.com. You will see the 2005 program, text and photographs of all 70 presenters, and of the pre-and postconferences.

In Nov. 2005 Michael has introduced The Timeless Hour by lecture and sessions in 'learning by doing' to 200 pedagogues in
Ljubliana - Slovenia