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Professional Target Groups & Main Objectifs of The Timeless Hour

Major object:

Harmonizing the 2 hemispheres of the Childs brain in ’Learning by doing’ benefiting both children and tutor, their relationship and the process of  knowledge exchange.  Target group - Tutors and Remedial Teachers in Education and Counsellors in Health Care.  This book is a unique method which furthers expression by movement from intuition leading to tranquillity of the mind through training in individual and collective drawing- and claywork exercises. 
Learning by doing in which a child can discover  its power of exploration, the expression of itself and its ability to exchange experiences.

Because of the completeness of the method, these skills stimulate the integrationo all talents of the left -and the right hemisphere
of the brain. All exercises in The Timeless Hour link up with universal human principles and are not bound to culture or nationality. The emphasis in The Timeless Hour is on pedagogics. Tutors don’t have to be skilled in any field of art to apply it’s method.
The method and exercises as described in ‘The Timeless Hour’ stimulate the development of the three intelligences.
This ‘learning by doing’ process results in harmonising the mind of the child and has positive effects on

§         Concentration
§         Visualisation faculties
§         Creativity
§         Self-confidence
§         Social interaction & Cultural integration 
§         Cognitive faculties
§         Immunity to stress
§         Physical health

Since nowadays society is evermore complex, it is important that children develop and integrate the three types of intelligence: cognitive-, emotional- and social intelligence.
Children as well as adults are confronted with deeply touching developments. It is their task to give sense to these events and to make conscious choices in the realization of their lives, in private life as well as in there profession.

Mental and social wellbeing

The visual exercises in this method are a means to the major object of mental and social wellbeing. They are not meant to create esthetic artwork or to develop creative-art faculties. However, they certainly contibute to creativity in all art- and creative subjects.  Scientific fields - The vision and the exercises in this workbook correspond closely with the development in the last 30 years of sciences as pedagogy, neurology and social philosophy.  

Practice –
Application already in several Primary schools (incl. team training) / Professional Education / Boddaert Foundation /  Innovation in Province Drenthe (High school) /  Counsellor trainings Primary School, Remedial Teaching / Pharos-Dutch Refugee Aid Org. / Inst. Child & Justice, Amsterdam  / A.D.H.D. Care (Psychiatrists) / Foundation Care for Epileptic Children / Most of all HBO Education in Art –and Creative Therapies in holland.

A unic event: New Handbook of Creative Thery in Holland.

In 2009 the board of the N.V.C.T. the Dutch society of Creative Therapist  officially edited  and published a complete new handbook with  40 methods in creative therapy in Holland.
One out of 40 methods applied in Holland over the years have been brought together in one handbook in Creative Therpy. One of the methods in this book is 'the Timeless Hour'.