Short CV  of the author


1963 - 1964 :    'akademie 63', artists: Kater, Ten Holt, Lataster, Couzijn (all wellknown Dutch artists) Haarlem, Netherlands

1964 - 1968 :    1st degree drawing-teachers training at Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1968 - 1969 :    sculpture-training at Rietveld Academy, sculptors: Rietbroek and Wong, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1973 :               School for Transcendental Meditation (Maharishi) Amsterdam, Netherlands

1974 :               School of Tai-Chi, Patrick Watson, Cheng, Amsterdam, Netherlands

1975 - now :     Training and study On "Chakra Psychology", Sri Centre, New York, U.S.A.and Amsterdam, Netherlands by Shyam Bhatnagar from India

1975 - 1978 :    Drama Course by I.D.V. Teacher and Performer: Pamela Koevoets and Bear Capron from U.S.A., Amsterdam, Netherlands

1987 :               Lesley College Cambridge.Cultural exchangestudies and teaching at Centre for Education in Art Therapy, Boston, U.S.A.

1994 – 1996 :   Course in Avatar, (Harry Palmer from U.S.A.) a course about belief-systems, reality and conciousness into pure creations, Netherlands.

2002                 By choice  of the  United  Nations  - WHO  Michiel  was asked  to present  his  workbook   The   Timeless  Hour  to  450  participants  of  the  European  Conference  of  Health  &  Education  to be held  in Netherlands

2005                 Nexus-EQ  World Conference of Emotional Intelligence to be held in Netherlands. Tools and wisdom for a 'Sustainable World'.
As author of the workbook The Timeless Hour Michiel has been invited to present his vision and method in sessions of
'Learning by doing through Communication' of Expressive Art by movement and intuition.  Aim is to let grow emotional & social Intelligence for children as well as adults in being/acting in the world.


§         Practice in teaching: Primary schools / High school /  several Institutes for Art and Creative Therapy in the Netherlands as well in U.S.A, France, Finland, Australia.

§         Art exhibitions and artwork collections in f.i. Municipal Museum Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Canada, U.S.A, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Iceland, Philippines.

§         Founder of the Institute Atelier 'Workplace Molenpad' in Amsterdam (1975) 4 years certificated education in Art- expressive work by movement and intuition.

§         Magazine Reviews: The Netherlands 7  /  Finland 5.

§         Kunst & Therapy / essay Published in Germany / the Netherlands (Pheadon Publisher).


The Timeless Hour

Original Dutch title: -  't Tijdloze Uur -

A Workbook including an Introduction and Instruction video

Author: Michiel Czn. Dhont / Amsterdam, 1940. Married and father of three children.

Tutor (1ste degree)  / visual artist / musician

Publisher: LAMBO / the Netherlands / 2000

ISBN 90.74119.66.2
michiel -AT-
(  + 31 523 638 678 or see website