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This coming year from the 5th of December- 2005 till  the 31ste of December 2006 you can contact me specifically about the art series of 'The transformation of Man'.

This idea has a connection to the start of the participation of my artwork in this 5th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence / Italy, on the 5th - 11th of December 2005.

The main line in my artwork is about the energies of the Planet Earth and about the inspiration I experienced in Aboriginal Land in Central Australia.

The main vision expressed in my artwork is the wonder of being in this exceptional creation and living on this small planet in a huge universe. In my artwork I show the beauty and the power of the Earth. Although we find ourselves in an environmental crisis, I consciously do not choose for criticism but for love.

As an artist and art tutor, this is my way to send a message into this world that I hope will enhance respect and love for the mystery we call 'life'.  It is a question of being receptive and touchful.

 Please contact me if you have any question about my artwork or art courses in the Netherlands or abroad. Most artworks on this website are for sale.

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